Welcome to the Labs

Make it past the nondescript facade of our building and beyond the foyer’s royal guard dog, and you’ll find the controlled chaos of the Mad Genius labs. Each day holds a distinct agenda designed to maximize Creative Fusion—the collaboration between our departments that makes our client’s work unique. 

Design Den

We literally knocked down the walls separating our designers, web developers, and writers. Our open workspace not only provides direct access to the communal chocolate tin, it allows us see one another’s progress, ooh and ahh at an animation someone did, or watch a Ted Talk together. The outer walls are covered with logo designs, mock-ups, sketches, and layouts, and only a few of them will end up sticking. The den is an intense, but inspiring, place to create.

Film and Photography Studio

Our film and photography studio is designed to create boundary-pushing, visionary work for our partners that not only surprises and delights, but drives brands forward. We are the only agency in the state to have an in-house production company.

The studio, which is available for rental, contains a 4,000 square foot, flexible space equipped with a green screen cyclorama as well as any on-set amenities. The studio’s state-of-the-art equipment is in the hands of filmmakers with decades of movie-making experience. We regularly create corporate video advertisements as well as portrait and still photography. 

Mad Genius can produce our full range of services off-site as well. Sitting just outside the door is our ten ton production truck that we drive all over the region. See what we’ve created in the field (and sometimes in actual fields).

Post-Production and Audio Suite

Several Mad Geniuses sit behind the gentle glow of editing stations, splicing, coloring, and applying visual effects (including the 2D and 3D variety). In our audio suite, you’ll find actors practicing their lines on comfortable couches before they make some of Mississippi’s finest voice overs and radio spots in a professional sound booth. Act the heck out of your lines, buddies, it’s sound proofed!