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As a full-service design agency where smart works hard, we’re always on the lookout for fresh faces and perspectives to join our ragtag group of thinkers n’ doers. Whether you enjoy turning daydreams into doodles or building cutting-edge websites from the ground up, you’re likely to find a home here amidst the madness. So drop us a line, and if you’ve got a passion and a headful of ideas, we’ve got a lab coat with your name on it.

(No, really.)


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Do you still flip through magazines at coffee shops and do a spit take when you see bad kerning? Do you bookmark the websites of designers, architects, and artists with names that normal people have never heard of? Do you lose your appetite when the menu is ugly? Do you doodle in meetings and, even though you’re listening closely, look up to find everyone is staring at you because doodling isn’t allowed in your meetings? If so, you might be the Mad Genius we’re looking for

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Video Production Project Manager

A ship is nothing without a captain. It could be the latest, greatest, most state of the art vessel, but without a leader it’s just a giant aimless floating chunk of metal. A video production is not much different. Lots of great equipment and crew, but if no one is at the helm, look out. Do you have what it takes to be a captain?

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