Hi. We are Mad Genius.

Notice we didn’t say, “We’re mad geniuses.” It’s singular—just like our focus on you.

We have a reputation that goes beyond “thinking outside the box.” Heck, we’re liable to 3-D print replicas of said box to build a fort palace or set the box on fire and roast s’mores over it if necessary. That “if necessary” is important: Different for the sake of being different is nice and all, but strategic differentiation? That can make all the difference.


You want capabilities? With web design, analytics, animation, TV and radio production, and print design (just to name a few), we’ve got more capabilities than you can shake a stick at.
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Check here to see what our current needs are. Whether we’re hiring or not, we’re always interested in connecting with other creative folk.

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Find out where the magic is made. And by “magic,” we mean “branding that will make your customers empty their wallets in awe and appreciation of your products and/or services.”

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