Van Gower

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Cat attacks the dog
Cat needs to take a chill pill
Cat is really nuts

A native of Meridian, Mississippi, Van lived in Atlanta for 20 years, which, for someone from Meridian, was like jumping from the proverbial kiddie pool into the deep end of life experience—some awesome, some bizarre, some not-so-impressive. During that time he held professional roles in journalism, advertising, publishing, and information services. He ultimately returned home to Mississippi in 2017, where he has been pursuing radical, mind-blowing personal and professional excellence ever since. A lifelong writer (or, as he most frequently calls himself, “word nerd”), Van can usually be found putting pen to paper or fingers to keys in search of the next great American sentence.

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Van is:

Van is currently, and is always, considering calling an exorcist to come deal with his lunatic, demon-possessed cat.