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Rumination of structure
Like waves on an empty beach
Placidity & peace

Monte is a wizard-producer with nearly two decades of experience in video production, direction, and production management. With a degree in communication and journalism, with an emphasis in film, he owned and operated Krauscape Films for 15 years before joining Mad Genius. With a national client list that reads like a Who’s Who, including Oprah’s Harpo Productions, A&E, PBS, MTV, VH1, and the Discovery Channel, Monte has also produced award-winning campaigns for national, regional, and local clients, including the United States Navy’s “World Cup Campaign” and the Mississippi Department of Health’s anti-tobacco campaign. He also serves with distinction on the advisory boards of the Crossroads Film Society and the School of Communication at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Monte is spending most of his free time at his kid's school, designing and making sets.