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Only wrinkles go
Where smiles have been, said the man
Atop his Harley

Chip has over a quarter of a century of experience in managing advertising accounts. He brings a highly-seasoned business development approach to the unique needs and challenges of clients, as well as strategic creative and media experience. Chip has served as Mississippi State Director and Sponsorship Coordinator for the American Advertising Federation’s 7th District, as President of the Jackson Advertising Federation, President of the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce and President of Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Radio, Television and Film. He has worked in account management and production for a multitude of broadcast network affiliates and provided freelance services for HBO, ESPN, and FOX Sports. He is one of the founding partners of Mad Genius.

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Chip is reading a Daniel Silva novel before heading to his daughter's softball practice, wishing he was on a Harley trip listening to Jimmy Buffett.