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Cece Shabazz is an award-winning Creative Director with over 17 years in the advertising industry. Passionate about the Advertising community and an Industry advocate, she’s the recipient of the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medalist Award for her contributions to the industry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

While some creatives use “cool” marketing tactics for the sake of being cool, Cece knows that the right marketing strategy for her clients can be an economic game changer. Her superpower lies in her ability to effectively identify a client’s pain points and provide custom creative solutions that will actually drive their results. Recognizing that businesses thrive through the power of impactful branding, she works to enhance their marketing, equity, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and potential.

Cece has helped lead talented creative teams to numerous ADDY awards with consecutive “Art Director of the Year” and “Creative Director of the Year” recognitions. She also joins a growing and proud contingent within the Mad Genius agency — USM grads. SMTTT, friend.

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