Adam Daniel

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“Yeah!” Mused the poor whale
falling fast as the petunias
who thought, “Not again.”

Adam keeps our edit suites running, if not overflowing with broadcast and web videos at every stage of Post Production, as well as performing host of support roles during production. From grip and electric to camera operator, from editor to motion graphics animator to sound tech, he puts his creative and resourceful mind to the task. His multi-talented, multi-faceted thumbprint has played a key role in the successes of productions for such clients as Farm Bureau Insurance, Bruce Foods, Entergy, Primos Hunting, plus TV shows like PBS’s Lomax, the Hound of Music, Between the Lions, and the History Channel’s Modern Marvels. If we listed his throng of Tellys, it could clog and ultimately implode the internet as we know it, so we won’t.

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Adam is brewing beer.