Plenty of Colleges – Only One Okra

Delta State University has a lovely campus, a devoted student base, and some pretty outstanding facilities and degree programs. However, due to their remote location, getting prospective students to take a look can be an uphill battle. University leaders determined that the first step to getting more attention was a series of online videos. They came to Mad Genius with open minds…and one big, green secret weapon.

Fear The Okra

The usual trappings of college recruitment advertising – beauty shots of the campus, happy students, etc. – may be important, but they’re not particularly intriguing.  Mad Genius seized the opportunity to make the university’s unofficial mascot, the Fighting Okra, the vehicle for communicating key features with a right cross of humor. The “Fear The Okra” campaign launched with :30 spots on regional sports networks, cinema screens and online.

The Hits Keep On Coming

Within one month of launching the first “Fear the Okra” spot, the videos attracted thousands of views, and national attention. Commercials featuring the Fighting Okra spawned blog features on Yahoo! Sports, NBC Sports, and ESPN. Comments like, “haha this is why i go to Dsu” and, “Lol, this is great! #FearTheOkra” abounded. The LMAO’s were beyond reckoning. But more importantly, the spots have been embraced by the student body of DSU. They’ve always known they were unique; now everybody else knows as well.