Small box, big challenge.

You’re a sales team in Germany. You have less than three minutes with a global company to explain how one small box safely and securely frees it from the restraints of phone-based or on-site tech support. Tomorrow you’ll do the same – in Portuguese. With Fortune 500 customers and markets in 52 countries, that’s the challenge Bomgar asked Mad Genius to help them handle with ease.

Making high-tech highly entertaining.

Mad Genius suggested a dramatic departure from the traditional product introduction video. Working closely with Bomgar’s marketing team, we created a captivating and nimble landscape of 2D animation to tell the story of the changing world of tech support, the challenges of security, the explosion of mobile devices, the simplicity of the Bomgar box and how it turns “no” into “yes.”

Hooray! Bravo! Bellisimo! Danke! Obrigado!

After only a few weeks of play, the video garnered high praise from Bomgar sales teams around the world. Now translated in five languages, it has become the lead element for sales pitches, setting the stage for more marketing tools to flow from it.