Animal Evolution: Zoo Brew Campaign

All week we’ve been updating the work on display at Mad Genius HQ, retiring older displays to make room to hang some of the agency’s latest greatest creations. It’s also been a fun stroll down (somewhat recent) memory lane, digging through the files of inspiration and works-in-progress as they evolved to become polished products. We thought it would […]

Thinking Big for Small Biz

Last week, a few Mad Geniuses helped plan and participated in the Jackson chapter of the American Advertising Federation’s Buzz Conference. The event, which our Creative Director Eric Hughes began last year while serving on the AAF Jackson board, aims to bring thought-leaders to our city to share great ideas on growing business creatively. The goal is to […]

Google Spotlights Mad Genius

We’ve always thought Google and Mad Genius were a match made in innovation heaven. As it turns out, Google just might feel the same way. In 2013, Google named Ridgeland its eCity for the state of Mississippi, recognizing the online business community here. This year, Google chose a local business or nonprofit in each state […]

Shakespeare, Star Wars and Mad Genius, Oh My!

On a random Tuesday in early June, Zach Prichard found himself giving direction to an ewok, demonstrating the proper technique of shuffling forward and jabbing at Princess Leia (careful not to muss her white Elizabethan ruff, of course). Later, Darth Vadar graced the studio in his best lace-detailed shirt. And of course, William Shakespeare himself […]

Mad Genius, Deane Smith and Partners Form Strategic Alliance

Mad Genius and Deane, Smith & Partners, a leading public relations, marketing, advertising and branding agency headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., have formed a strategic alliance. Under a shared-services agreement, the partnership will leverage the growing business of both firms throughout the Southeast, and across the U.S. Via the affiliation, the two firms will have more […]

Mad Genius Filmmakers Contribute to New Film, HEADRUSH

Mad Genius Director / DP Dave Matthews (Murderabilia), Animator/Director/Producer Zach Prichard (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars) and Post Production wizard Adam Daniel were all involved in the making of a new Sci-Fi / murder-suspense short film called HEADRUSH. Premiering August 1, 2013 at The Malco Grandview Theatre in Madison, MS, it was written, directed and edited […]

How Bat Monkeys Defeat Idea Crushers

Creativity. It’s the lifeblood of branding, advertising, and effective communications. Eric Hughes, V.P. Creative Director at Mad Genius, shares an enlightening encounter with a bat monkey that hammers home the notion of where creativity comes from and how sticking to your guns can lead to breakthrough ideas.

3 Mad Genius Tips For Defeating Writer’s Block

No matter if you’re writing the next great American novel, an important business proposal with an impending deadline, or just an email to a colleague, writer’s block is something that afflicts us all from time to time. Thankfully, Mad Genius Senior Copywriter Danny Dauphin is here to help with three useful strategies that can be used to conquer writer’s block in any situation.

Entertainment Weekly Drops Latest Quirk Books & Mad Genius Book Trailer Collaboration for Shakespeare / Star Wars Mashup

What happens when you combine classical Shakespearean prose set in iambic pentameter with the vast Star Wars universe? The answer comes to us through our friends at Quirk Books and their latest book: “William Shakespeare’s Start Wars: Verily, A New Hope.” Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive details.