Zach Ball

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Stepping on a frog,
I gasped… Did anyone hear
My wild air biscuit?

You just never know how or when a lifelong passion is going to form. In Zach’s case, his deft mastery of the technical side of video production and his passion for bringing flawless post-production workflows and color grading to Mad Genius productions all began in his childhood… with making YoYo videos as a kid. Zach is another one of our Golden Eagles, having earned a B.A. in media production from the University of Southern Mississippi. After a summer internship with Mad Genius, where he proved himself on a number of productions, Zach returned to school to complete his degree with the knowledge he was always welcome in the Labs. After graduating, he came back full time. He’s also wicked with a ping-pong serve.

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Zach is playing Rocket League.