Tara Gerald

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Restless mind crafting
Endless stories; most about
Cute, big-fanged monsters

Growing up, Tara was a chronic doodler and rambling writer. As the odd creative in her family, most of what she produced was self-taught. Not thinking she had what it took to enter the art world, she matriculated at USM only to consider studying writing or clinical/social psychology.

However, midway through her psych degree, she bravely flipped to graphic design and hasn’t looked back since. After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design/Communications with a minor in Psychology, Tara began her career working as a graphic designer. After seven years, she’s now a senior graphic designer, helping develop brands using high-concept thinking across print, digital, and social platforms. She’s amassed a small hill of ADDY awards, including multiple Best of Shows/Interactive as well as a Regional Gold ADDY for Illustration.

Outside of work, Tara has enjoyed small-time art commissions, the occasional travel jaunt (New Zealand was certainly a highlight), and honing her competitive gaming skills in order to kick ass at the nursing home one day.

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Tara is Thinking about a found-family high adventure while watching Twitch.