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Hailing from a talented broadcast-oriented family, Don Moore’s career began in the trenches of the television industry in the 1970s. After years of programming and production experience at WAPT, WLOX, and Love Communications (now known as Comcast Spotlight), Don became Executive Director of the Mississippi Resource Center, where his focus turned to economic development, large-scale business alliances, and bringing new business to the state (including Nissan). In the late ’90s, he began another run in the world of television, assuming various roles at WLOX, transitioning from Director of Broadcast Operations to 17 years as General Sales Manager. Throughout the years, alongside this breadth of experience, Don has sustained a prolific career as an Emmy Award-winning freelance television director, directing a range of events, from B.B. King Live to the Miss Mississippi Pageant. Don recently slipped into a Mad Genius lab coat to spearhead our Ocean Springs office as we expand our advertising and creative marketing operations on the Gulf Coast.

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