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Once upon a time, in a village not so very far away, there hailed a young lad named Clayton from the City of the Mad Son, Madison. Born at a very early age, Clayton ventured out to prove himself by graduating from the Ivy League school of the south, Mississippi College. From there, he was taken in by Broadmoor Baptist Church, where he worked as their tech and media team lighting squire. His spirit still haunts those halls as he continues to volunteer, even to this day.

Continuing his adventures, Clayton was eventually lured into web design as the Web Development Director of Solve Design Studio. Throughout his journey, Clayton has trained, honing various skillsets, leading to the commissioning of his artwork in multiple children’s books, touring with his skateboard to far off lands, ziplining through the wilds of New Zealand, and converting fallen trees into works of art (and bruises). Clayton spends his days losing at battles of wits and resilience to his competitive wife, a colony of wily sugar gliders, some house cats, and a most ferociously adorable Savannah Cat cub.

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Clayton is covered in tiny animals and even tinier animal scratches.