Mad Genius is a Creative Fusion of design, print, digital, social media, TV and video production, animation, media strategy, and more all under one roof.


Mad Genius is seeking to add the right Digital Content Specialist to our team. Could that be you? Find out more. 

We are also seeking to add the right Web Developer. Please apply here.


Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is a finely-tuned process of research, discovery, and inspiration that sets the marching orders for every aspect of your campaign. It’s the molten hot core of Creative Fusion, and our team has the equipment and the know-how to handle it safely.


Photography. Illustration. Graphics. Production Design. Every single, tiny, visual aspect of your brand conveys a message, from logo size to font choice. Design is a study in visual language, and our team speaks it fluently.


Web. Social Media. Mobile. Online Marketing. The disruptive force known the world over as Digital is quickly embedding itself into every nook and cranny of human existence. Mad Genius has the people, expertise, and future-focused mentality that’s prerequisite for digital success.


Mad Genius is home to the most sophisticated video production facility and equipment in the state. But as proud as we are of our tech, we’re more excited about the people we have working behind it. From commercials to corporate videos to book trailers, we produce it all.


Rick Moore - CEO
Rick MooreCEO & Co-FounderMeet the Owner and Founder of Mad Genius. One part dreamer, one part builder, one part tinkerer. And always of a mind to think bigger.
Chip Sarver - President
Chip SarverPresident & Co-FounderChip knows what makes us tick and how to put it all together to keep our clients’ brands growing. 
Rob Bridges - SVP Branding Strategy
Rob BridgesSVP Branding & Strategy & Co-FounderRob is proof that Louisiana has a genius. At least they did until we brought him here.  Rob leads Brand Strategy. But that’s not all he cooks up.
Meet our team of Mad Geniuses